2º Latin American Art Therapy Conference / 2º Congreso Latinoamericano de Arte Terapia

After two previous art therapy Latin American meetings, one in Brasil in 2005 and the other in Argentina in 2007, Chile agreed to host the next conference in 2009. For this 3º meeting Chilean art therapists presented as a central theme the deepening and development of art therapy as a professional specialization. In this sense, it was very relevant to invite international professors from the United States, Great Britain and France, who may promote dialogue and exchange of experiences that could support the process towards professionalization of art therapy in Chile and Latin America.
Among the international guests, were Lynn Kapitan and Bobbi Stoll from the US, Andrea Gilroy and Margaret Hills from the UK and Jean Pierre Klein from France.
A diversity of professionals participated in this conference held in Santiago, Chile, in August 2009. Latin American teachers, health and art professionals met to share their reflexions, experiences and knowledge regarding the healing and broad potential of art with different populations and in different contexts- health, education and social-community.
The 3º conference will be held in Brasil in 2011, and I hope that Latin Americans will have good news regarding the development of art therapy in their countries.
For more information about Art Therapy in Chile you can visit the website (in spanish) of the Chilean Art Therapy Association: www.arteterapiachile.cl