Earthquake and Tsunami in Chile

It is really unfortunate what has happened in Chile. My heart is grieving. Thank God my family and friends are fine, however it is hard to watch the news and see all the people affected.
As of now, Monday March 1st, there are more than 800 deaths and millions of victims, who have lost everything. There are so many communities and towns that don't exist anymore, due to the water or the earthquake...
The length of Chile has not helped with providing the required support to all the communities... There are so many places that are still isolated and still don't have food or water, people sleeping outside because they are afraid of more aftershocks. People are in shock.
As an art therapist I would like to be there helping with the psychosocial needs of the victims. But unfortunately my current personal health doesn't allow me to travel to my home country. I have talked to my art therapy colleagues and they are also still in shock. This was definitely not a mild disaster... Chile had always suffered from floods, and other disasters, but this has been devastating, never expected something like this.
I am proud to see people that have helped others from their communities, how they have supported to each other. I am trustful that my people are resilient and that we as a country will make it through.
My heart, thoughts and prayers are with Chile...
Last but not least, I want to share with you a poem that a participant of my group wrote this morning for me. I was very meaningful for me....
"Chile Stay Strong"
Chile stay strong.
I know it is easy
for me to say
because I am not there, but
saying those words might
brighten your day.
Stay strong Chile,
I know it's hard to
imagine, but God
loves you in every
unique way.
Stay strong Chile, so
you can continue
to be blessed
in every way.